Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Classic Music: Beyonce "Dangerously In Love"

If you know me, you know I'm a Beyonce fan. But strangely enough, this was not always the case. I loved Destiny's Child but wasn't fond of Bey. I knew she could sing. I just wasn't feeling her. All of this changed the summer of 2003. Her first solo single "Crazy In Love" drops featuring my favorite rapper Jay-Z. I hear it on the radio and thought it was too busy on first listen. Then, I heard it for the second time at the House of Blues. There was something about her vocals and those horns. I was hooked. Of course, Jay's verse only helped.

By the time DIL debuted, I was a full fledged fan. I loved every song on the cd. It was just good R&B music to me. I still believe that this is her best work. She released 5 singles, which all charted in the top 5. "Crazy In Love" is my favorite release from this cd. But, as usual, my favorite track on the cd are the ones that weren't singles. "Yes," "Gift From Virgo," "Be With You," and "Signs" are amazing. Every televised performance from this cd was just great. Beyonce definitely gives a great stage show. I've seen her twice in concert. She is amazing. This is why DIL will always be classic to me. Years later and I'm still listening to it. It still makes me happy when I hear it. It's just good music.

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