Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be Silent, Be Still

I love to talk. Communication is a big deal. But, there are times when I just like to be quiet and still. It's not about being upset or feeling down. I am just ok with myself. I can sit in silence and just enjoy my own company. There is a great deal of satisfaction in that. This kind of hints at my blog about self dating. There is definitely beauty in those quiet moments. I live for the silent moments. There is nothing better than sitting in complete silence with someone and not feeling at all uncomfortable. That is an amazing thing.

I believe that silence is golden. It gives me time to work through things in my mind. When I'm quiet, I'm usually in thought. But there are those moments when my silence is nothing more than that. I wished more people would get into the silence movement. Every random thought does not need to be spoken. Thinking before one speaks would save most in the long run. Words mean something. Silence protects us. Not speaking is always a smart choice as well. Silence is golden indeed.

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