Monday, January 23, 2012

Girl Crush

There are some things that women do that men just aren't allowed to. One of those things are girl crushes. They are totally acceptable. Men, however, could never admit to a man crush without the deadliest of side eyes or people thinking he was gay. One of the things I love about being a woman is the fact that I can get away with certain things. Girl crushes are a normal part of life. The weird thing about them is they are hardly ever based on anything sexual. I've never had a girl crush that was ever about anything sexual. Girl I rushes are harmless and fun.

For me, girl crushes have more to do with attributes and personality traits and less to do with the physical. I find so many things about women attractive. I like women who are like me. Women who are at the top of their game career wise, family wise inspire me. They give me something to aspire to. For me, it's never about wanting said woman sexually. That's not where my crushes stem from. I think that we attract what we put out. I haven't had a girl crush in real life in a while. But, I do find Michelle Obama inspiring on so many levels. She is a woman that I believe has the world in her hands and takes care of every thing around her. Her family is her priority. That's the woman I aspire to be. I've also had a girl crush on Tika Sumpter. She is gorgeous and talented. And, in a world where brown skin isn't as exalted as it should be, she is a brown girl with great skin and crazy talent. I like that.

Now, I know most men hear the phrase "girl crush" and instantly think "girl on girl." That couldn't be further from the truth. Strong women make me want to be more. That's the extra motivation I need. I've also never had a girl crush on any close friend of mine. I think that would be way weird. I mean I love my friends but no bueno. I wonder about other women and their girl crushes. If you're a woman, what qualities do you look for in a girl crush? Are your crushes ever sexual? Let's talk about it.

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