Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rest In Paradise, Etta James

Soulful singer Etta James passed away on January 20, 2012. She was 73. Etta was known for her soulful voice. She was also known for her figure and bleached blond hair. When she sang, you could feel the hurt, pain, and love in every note. Her voice made me feel something. I remember being a kid and hearing "At Last" for the first time. It made me feel a happiness deep in my soul. I just knew that this is what real love is supposed to feel like.. I can honestly say that I didn't know a whole lot about Ms. James before the "Cadillac Records" movie came out. I'm grateful for the film because it made me more interested in her story. She lived a hell of a life. She survived all of her demons and the ills of the music industry. Ms. James was a feisty woman. She had spanking and attitude and she knew her voice was golden. She will certainly be missed. Below are some of my favorite Etta James tracks. May she rest in paradise.

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