Friday, January 06, 2012

Possessing A Possesive Side

Ok, I can admit this. When it comes to my love, I have noticed that I have a possessive side. Yes, I have his heart and his attention. I have no insecurities about him or our love. I just don't like to think of his past and the women who've been attached to him in any way. That is just the reality of it. I'm spoiled so I want to consume all of his free time. Is this feasible? Absolutely not. But I feel the way I feel. I want him all to myself. But I'm not alone in this feeling. He feels the same way. We are truly two peas in a pod. I am more than alright admitting this to the world.

In essence, he belongs to me and I to him. That is a no brainer. What is new is me feeling possessive when it comes to him. I think its funny that he and I are the same in so many ways. We both are spoiled as well. We are selfish when it comes to our time together. I have to stop myself from pouting when our time is interrupted. I can admit this. I just want him all to myself. But, I know, to a degree, that I have to share him with his family and the world. Sometimes that can be a hard battle. I try to suck it up. I try to not let my spoiled possessive ways get the best of me.

Let me say that I am not speaking on that crazy possessiveness. Neither of us are into crazy. That is not a good look in 2012 or ever. I'm talking about the way you feel about the one you love and that person loves you back. It's about the healthy side effects of a healthy relationship. It's about the things that you do or say or become because of that relationship. There are things that have changed so drastically because of this, him. This entire post was sparked by a conversation that I had with HIM the other day. It's so funny how much Ike the two of us are. Are any of you possessive? If yes, how so? How do you act? How do you feel about your significant other being possessive? We need to quorum up about this topic. I, we can't be the only ones. Lol.


  1. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed reading this. I smiled the entire way through because I understand. I understand! I am happy for the both of you :)

  2. MC - I swear if I wasn't in it, I wouldn't get it. It's just love, just us, just a protective thing. I'm glad you smiled while reading though! Thank you!