Monday, January 30, 2012

Long Distance Love

Long distance relationships can be whatever the couple makes it. I am currently in one and I've never felt closer to anyone like this before. Every little things matters more when distance is a factor. It has been said that the right person at the right time can make any situation worth while. I can attest to this. Ldr's are nothing new. But I think since technology has advanced that they are more tangible. I know they aren't for everyone. But, if your potential spouse is worth it, ldr's can be a great thing.

I crave his attention. Hearing his voice is the best part of my day. I am grateful for Sprint's Mobile to Mobile and Any Mobile, Any Time plans. As well as their unlimited data plans. Communication, in every available forms, is key. It's the foundation of the relationship. I anticipate his words, his laughter, and at night, his snores. I'm spoiled and selfish when it comes to our time together. We don't really like to share it with others. In a way, we are consumed with one another. I am in love with him, I still like him and I'm constantly lusting over him. Distance is a factor that makes us work harder at it. In my heart, we couldn't be any closer.

I know it's not a choice everyone can make. Until recently, it wasn't my cup of tea either. Because of prior bad experiences. That's the thing about love. It can make a believer out of anyone. One really have no choice when your heart has taken over. Long distance relationships, to me, mean more because they do require more work. A phone call can be everything to you in this situation. One's communication skills are improved greatly when involved in an ldr. I cherish every moment in my ldr. What say you on the topic of ldr's? Are you guys for or against? Have you done it? Did it work? Talk to me!!

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