Saturday, January 07, 2012


° I'm all hopeful about everything that will belong to me in 2012. I wrote it down and talked it out. Prayed about it all. So I'm confident that it will be. Have my game plan for 2012 in mind. Excited and can't wait for everything to come to fruition.

° It's amazing how the right situation with the right guy can change your whole perspective. I never was one for long distance relationships but I'm telling you love (boy) makes things happen. *cue Babyface & Pebbles*

° I am so thankful for growth in some relationships. My sisters and I have become so close.

° I think I may do the Master Cleanse 21 day thing. It's the beginning of the year so if I start correctly, it should go better.

° I found this Bible reading app that has a challenge for reading the Bible. I am so hype about finishing the Bible. I'm about halfway through on my own. So, this will help me complete it.

° There's nothing seixer than an intelligent comical man. This man makes me laugh every day. I couldn't ask for anything more.

° Christmas night was so incredibly amazing. Just hanging with my fam at my Momma Louise's house was just what I needed. My cousins are hilarious as are my sisters and brother. We laughed all night. Just had a really good time. Reminded me of Christmas' past.

° I'm just happy. It's that simple. I can't worry myself silly about life. I know it's going to happen. I have to be prepared. But, I'm going to smile and be happy as much as I can because I deserve it.

° I attended my very first Saints game on the 1st. I had so much fun. The crowd was crazy wild. The Saints whipped the Panthers butt. Such a great way to end a great season on a high. The score was 45-17. And a 13 - 3 record. NFC South Division Champs. And the third seed. I love football. It was the great way to start 2012.

° Really missing my nephews and nieces right now. Hate that I haven't seen or talked to them in a month. Hope to change that soon.

° Communication is key. Great communication is everything. I cannot say this enough. Talking it out is always a good look. Believe that.

° New Year's day was really good. I just enjoyed myself immensely ;-)

° I'm a flirt. And there's nothing better than flirting with my love. It's especially good because he's a flirt as well. Our text conversations are always muy interesante!!

° My short term memory really sucks. I'm thinking I should invest in some ginko. I need it to improve quickly.

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