Friday, January 13, 2012

The Scenario: "The Game" Past Abortion

One of my favorite shows "The Game" returned to tv this week. The premiere was really dramatic and fast moving. It was good to me. The Jason/Chardonnay storyline looks to be promising. Jason is a smartass and I cannot wait to see what will come. Malik is still my fave. Tasha Mack is still Tasha Mack. But, Derwin and Melanie are the heart of this show. I have been a fan of these two since day one. There was one storyline that stuck out the most to me. Melanie admitted that she had an abortion that Derwin knew nothing about. Fireworks ensued. This is a touchy topic and I have a definite opinion on it. Read at your own risk.

My stance on abortion is twofold. For myself, I have always been pro-life. I have never believed in abortion for myself. That being saying, I have always been pro-choice for everyone else. It has never been my belief that its my right to tell another woman what to do with her body. That woman's life is that woman's choice. Fortunately, I have never been put in the position to have to make this choice. Derwin being more upset about the fact that the baby Melanie aborted wasn't his is ridiculous. When he thought the baby was his, he forgave her. He was calm and comforting.

The situation is even crazier by the reality of Derwin and Melanie's life. Melanie has had to swallow the pill of Derwin having a baby with someone else. There has been drama with Melanie and Janay, the baby's mom, since day one. Melanie is a step-mom before ever being a Mom. But, she gladly takes all of that on because she loves her husband. She has been very forgiving of Derwin and all the drama he has brought into their lives. I believe that Derwin was beyond wrong in the situation. His anger was misplaced because of his animosity towards Trey Wiggs, the father of the baby Melanie aborted. He's had an isseu with Trey since college. He also punched Trey at the end of the episode.

I just didn't get Derwin condemning Melanie's actions AFTER he found out the baby wasn't his. All of this information is old news. they have been married for a few years now so the past should rest in the past. Both of them have made mistakes. Both have been more wrong than right. Derwin's anger angered me last night. The consensus on Twitter was just about the same. Most of my Twitter followers reiterated my sentiments. I am just ready for this couple to be happy and drama free, if only for an episode or two lol. What do you guys think of this scenario? Did Derwin have a right to be angry? Was Melanie wrong for not telling him or Trey? Let's discuss.


  1. "I am just ready for this couple to be happy and drama free..." <-- That would be nice! I am a few episodes behind (I think 2, I did see episodes 1 and 2) so maybe it has already happened but it all is a bit much (one thing after the other, after the other). I AM excited to see what comes of Malik and his Lady. I like the growth Malik appears to be displaying. It's been more interesting to me than Mel and Derwin. // I could write a novel on my take on abortion but I will refrain and will conclude it here on your blog: I am pro-life which means nothing different in my mind than one who declares their stance is pro-choice. I am always for life and in support of life and for me that couples completely with a woman's or families' for that matter, right to decide when, where, and how. I feel less eloquent than usual right now, I hope I am making sense... I suppose what I am trying to express is that pro-life insinuates that those who are pro-choice are anti-life. I believe our language on this controversial, literally life changing issue, needs to shift.

  2. I don't think that pro-choice means anti-life. To me, it just means that you believe in a woman's right to choose. I don't think the language is wrong. I know I wouldn't get one but I feel women should have the right to choose. As far as the show goes, I'm a fan so I'm hanging in there with it.