Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blond Moments

I am a smart woman. I am very big on learning, knowledge and education. But there are times when my mind literally goes blank. I have dubbed these "blond moments." I am always so embarrassed when this happens. And it's always about things that I would normally know. I would love to not be so bothered by this. But I'm not there yet. I'm working on it though.

Someone can ask me a very straightforward question. I will not be able to answer. It's like black space. I hate it. It's the pits to me. It's like I am searching for something that I cannot reach in my mind. Now, a few minutes later, I will have all of the answers. I hate to be put on the spot. I think this is where this deep dislike for blond moments stem from. In that moment, I don't feel that intelligent. Being smart is a part of me and my charm.

For example, my latest blond moment, I totally blanked and said that there are 51 states with the straightest face ever. Now, clearly, I knew better but in that moment I did not. I think my cheeks got so red after this. Now I know that a blond moment or two does not truly reflect on my true intelligence. I think it just bothers me. I don't like to be wrong and blond moments are always about me being wrong. It's really silly but it's a flaw I can't fix. I have no way to shake this. What about you guys? Any blond moments you wanna share with me? I'm sure they aren't any worse than any of mine. I promise you that. Let's discuss.

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