Friday, November 18, 2011

Vets and Rookies

Respect is earned and not given. Veterans in the game know this, Rookies seem to have forgotten this. In the last few days, I have noticed some things. Last night on Twitter, I watched people to react to the news that Busta Rhymes signed to Cash Money. Also, it was stated that Mystikal signed with them as well. There is also a brewing beef between Ludacris and Drake and Big Sean. It seems that veterans in the game are making moves. But, are those moves in the right direction? There is something to be said about being experienced at your job.

To me, Busta signing to YMCMB is backwards. Busta is a legend. YMCMB is full of little kids basically. Busta's fanbase does not line up with the fanbase of the record company. I think that Busta would've done better at Def Jam or signing with Shady/Slaughterhouse. Baby has a history of not putting out artists. Bow Wow has been signed for almost 2 years and hasn't released any official music. Busta is a beast on the mic. There is no denying that. I just don't think that this company is the correct fit for a man of his talents and history.

The even more complicated signiing is that of Mystikal. People from here (New Orleans) remember the violent history that Mystikal shares with Baby and Cash Money Records. Back in the day, Mystikal was in a major beef with UNLV, the premiere Cash Money act. There were diss songs and murders. UNLV rapped about killing Mystikal's mom. Yella Boy from UNLV was killed. It was very bad. It was another instance of rap beef becoming all too real. There were mad rumors of Baby being behind a lot of the actions that took place. I just cannot understand Mystikal letting bygones be bygones with Baby. I get the money angle but we are talking about Baby, a man known for shorted his artists (see Juvenile, BG, Turk, Mannie Fresh). It is just weird.

Finally, there is the new beef of Ludacris versus Drake and Big Sean. Drake gave an interview this summer about other artist stealing the flow" that Big Sean "originated" and Drake made famous. Drake referenced a Luda line specifically. A few months later, Big Sean agreed with Drake in an interview. He also named Ludacris as an artist that stole his "flow" and was using it wrong. Ludacris dropped his mixtape "1.21 Gigawatts: Back to The First Time" on Monday. His songs "Bada Boom" and "Say It To My Face" as well as the interlude "History Lesson" took aim at those interviews. Outside of T.I., I've never known Luda to beef with others. This is very interesting. Lyrically, neither Big Sean nor Drake can see Luda. That rap battle isn't what they want.

Veterans and rookies will always butt heads. Paying homage is one of the laws of Hip hop. It can be the gift and the curse. They all need to coexist for the culture. I truly believe that. In the end, it's all about the music. That is all that matters. IF beefing happens, it should stay on wax. Veterans signing to a rookie's label will never be a good look. But, if the music is hot, the masses will love it. That's the great thing about Hip Hop. It is growing up right along with us.