Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Labels Are For Clothes, Right?

Labels define us.


That one word seems to hold so much power. Why though? It's just a word. I don't like the negative connotations that are associated with it. When a woman is being assertive or aggressive, she's labeled a bitch. Why? If a man in the same position was doing the same thing, he would be patted on the the back. So if I'm bossy and I take charge, does that make me a bitch? If so, I'll be that.

People can think many things about me. They can feel however they chose. They can play judge and jury over my life. But they can also kindly keep their thoughts to themselves. I am a sweetheart. I love my people. I will help anyone I can when I can. If you're in my life, and I got your back. But if you cross me, you will see that fiery side of me. I can certainly play the bitch role. I am a Sagittarius who possesses a quick wit, sharp tongue, extensive intelligence and a smart ass mouth. Basically, not someone you really want to spar with. I will win. And smile when I'm done. I am bossy and assertive and very focused. Some don't like those attributes in me. They are unimportant to me. I'm me, 100% every day. It's not an act or a facade. Kenda is just Kenda.

In general, I'm not a mouse or submissive woman. Well, I will submit to my husband as the good book says to. But that's different, that's the love of my life. I will not bend or bow down. I fight for who and what I believe in. Does any of that make me a bitch? *shrug* Oh the hell well. I have no problem with the word. My issue lies with people hurling it at me to cut me down. What you're not gonna do is call me a bitch and walk away. Oh we will have words. That's just what it is.

I have been called many things. Some good, some not so good. A few to my face, more behind my back. That always makes me laugh. If a person isn't bold enough to say it is to my face, I don't even react. Clearly, who I am bothers them. And that's a personal issue. People hate in others either what they lack in themselves or what they see in themselves. Either way, it's not my problem. Words only have the power we assign them. I say we drain the power of negative words and labels. We should all just exist. Living our lives to the fullest. What's the one word that gets under others skin that you could careless about? Let's discuss.

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