Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

In terms of Christmas shopping, Cyber Monday is the antithesis of Black Friday. It's the easiest route for me. I don't like crowds of unruly, rowdy people. Shopping online is easier, quicker and basically drama free. The deals are just as great. Most sites offer free shipping which is also a plus. There are ready few stores who have actually started cyber week. A lot of it is gimmick to get consumers to spend money. I don't know exactly how much if any shopping I will be doing. But, I know people who live to Christmas shop. I used to be a part of that crowd. Not so much in the last few years. That hasn't stopped me from checking out the sales. Cyber Monday does have some great offers. I'm tempted. I may give in. What are your thoughts on Cyber Monday? Christmas shopping? Let's discuss it.

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