Friday, November 04, 2011

Get Into It: "Awkward Black Girl" series

Awkward is a word that I can identify with. It described me perfectly growing up. I did grow out of it. There is a show that incorporates that word into its title. I have been hearing about the "Awkward Black Girl" series. It's a web series centered around a woman named J. She introduces herself in a manner that sets the tone for the entire series. "Hi my name is J and I'm awkward." I finally had a chance to check it out. I loved it. There are 10 episodes posted on the website Awkward Black Girl so far. The 11th episode will be posted on Monday November 7th. The show follows J and her work place antics. The cast of characters are hilarious in more way than one.

ABG is a look inside of the life J. She is a self proclaimed awkward black girl. This is more than obvious at her workplace. She works with the most annoyingly group of people. Some are very typical, others are extremely intriguing. Amir is extremely inappropriate. He basically plays out ever stereotype known to man. He is beyond offense but the comedy of it makes you laugh. J's commentary is beyond funny. She randomly breaks out in violent rap lyrics that she wrote. They are the most ridiculous lyrics ever. I live for those moments.

The episodes are relatively short but they are always full of fun. I love that I am always pulled back for the next episode. J is my favorite character. She is the one who makes it worth watching to me. "Did I die and go to simple bitch hell?" That J line is classic. It's sarcastic but so truthful. I think that's why I identify with her and her point of view. J may be an awkward black girl. But her story is no different than any one else's. Get Into Awkward Black Girl and check out the past episodes. A new episode will post November 7, 2011.

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