Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Madness

Every year on the Friday afternoon Thanksgiving, the madness ensues. It is the biggest shopping day of the year. It's supposed to be the day on would get the best savings. I think its a scam. I believe that the prices are hiked up before they are slashed. So in essence, the consumers are all being duped. It's insane to be in a store at 12 am or 4 am to save some money. It's even crazier to wait in line for hours for the same discount.

People fight and argue over items. People have died during the Black Friday nonsense. People have been arrested and pepper sprayed as well. And for what? For the savings they think they are receiving. I've been out in it twice. Never again. Never. I was not impressed or amazed. I was basically disgusted. I just can't understand the appeal. I'm sure I never will. I slept in this morning. That felt great. I have decided to not partake in the festivities ever.

I also wondered about the name. Why Black Friday? By definition, the word black means "void of light," "evil," "darkness." All those words conjure up negative thoughts. So, by definition, I take it that Black Friday to be negative and evil. Ok, I'm just clowning about that. But, a conspiracy theorist would take that thought process and run with it. What are you thoughts on Black Friday? Do you indulge? Let's talk about it.

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