Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rant: I Don't Do "Forwards"

Do you want to know what annoys me? Forwards. Either via text or email, they irk me!!! They are the new school chain letters. I was never a fan of them. Thankfully, I have unlimited text messaging. The text forwards are always extremely long. Like they are always 3 or 4 pages long. What I hate most about them is the way they demand you to send to 10/20/30 people you know RIGHT NOW or else horrible things will happen to you. Really? The worst type of forwards are the ones pertaining to religion and God. This may be cynical of me but I'm sure God isn't monitoring my text messages. I know that all I need to r achieve my God is an open heart, a bended knee, and a minute to talk to him. I refuse to believe that NOT forwarding these annoying texts will not keep me from Heaven. I dislike the fear and bullying tactics these forwards seem to send. So, I'm boycotting them. I do not forward them. I have also taken to responding to friends who sent them to me by saying "Hey, I don't participate in fwds. Please don't send them to me. Thanks." Straight and to the point. I feel they are a waste of my time and space in my text messaging history. This range was spark by the 6 page text forward I received this afternoon about nothing. It irritated me. Any who, just needed to vent and get this off my chest. In closing, if you know me, don't forward anything to me. Please and thank you!

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