Monday, November 21, 2011

Social Media Overshare

I enjoy social media. I like interacting with people. But, I know what's really important. I protect those parts of me and my life when I'm online. I don't share every emotion, thought, idea with people on the internet. I know enough to know better. But some people don't get that. People get on all social medias and spill their guts and then have the audacity to get mad at others for being all in their business. Seriously? I should not know every argument you have with your mate. Or that you're beefing with your boyfriend/husband's ex/baby momma etc. We are all too old for that. I see this too much. It's comical at best. The answer is simple. What you don't want the world that know...don't show! It's really easy. I step away from Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Blogger when I feel I am too into my feelings. I don't care for the world to know my weak moments. That's for me. I am so sick of reading this foolishness. I've been know to unfriend people and/or delete them to rid myself of it. You can't put it all out there and then bitch about everyone commenting on it. That's just dumb. Maybe people should follow me another way to vent. That being said, it's time to declutter my e-life again.


  1. I'm grinning at"declutter my e-life." Well said.

  2. That's my nice, politically correct answer,
    girl! Thanks!!