Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's November, Randomly

* Me and sleep need to have a meeting of the minds. Staring at the ceiling isn't entertaining at all.

* I had the most laidback, carefree, chill day yesterday. Just the two of us and bad tv and nothing else. Smiled all day.

* Somewhere along the way, I have started to relish my mornings. Early mornings make me happy it seems. Or maybe its just because of HIM.

* So, I found the perfect dress. It's kinda important. I wasn't even looking for it really. But now I know exactly what I want.

* My sisters are hilarious. Like more so than ever before. I do not know why. But they can always make me laugh.

* Sleep is overrated. The more time I spend sleeping, the less time I have to spend with my favorite person, my best friend ever. Sacrifices have been made.

* I need to try to cook something different. Something I've never attempted before. That is my goal for the week.

* I am learning to just listen without offering my advice. Sometimes people just want to be heard and vent.

* I am bad. I haven't read a book in so long. I need to correct this asap.

* My new niece Kenleigh is adorable. She is so tiny and smells like heaven. She is just so cute.

* I haven't been to church in forever. I need to change this soon as well.

* I called a family member I do not care for this week. We had a civil and cordial conversation. Yay for me and my growth.

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