Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Joe Budden "10 Minutes"

I am a Joe Budden fan. Dude is mad lyrical in my book. I have followed his career since "Pump It Up." There were some major tracks on his debut cd that never were released. My favorite song by Joey is "10 Minutes." It was a very raw and honest track. In later years the line "some days I don't wanna be bothered, some days I just miss my Father" meant more to me than anything. It was like he was speaking my thoughts. So, for this Ladies Love Lyrics post I went Hip Hop. He also performed this song the other night at Highland during his concert. I follow him on Twitter. He is very funny and blunt. I enjoy his tweets as much as I do his music. So here are two different videos of him performing "10 Minutes." And, also the verse that I love the most. Enjoy!

Some days I don't wanna be bothered
Some days I just miss my father (damn)
Some days I just miss my father

Some days I wanna relapse on redline
Cuz he'll be gone for 26 months fed time
I try to maintain through all this
And pray to God Pop keep the same clean date and 4 dicks
My pockets flat kid
You do the math on $5.15 an hour full time after taxes
That wasn't good enough to keep my MO
Sh-t that wasn't good enough to complete my demo, for real
Some days I don't wanna be seen
And some days I don't shower, I don't wanna be clean
Look, sometimes the truth could hurt you
So I blow my cig smoke right after the Truth commercial

Some days I don't wanna be bothered
Some days I just miss my father
And even if by a miracle he makes it half way out
It wont be parole y'all, it be the half way house but NAH
That's not the right path for a Budden
Cuz we're addicts, addicts can't do half of nothing
Some days I'm reaching for the thing in the dresser
Some days I'm not invincible and I feel the pressure
Like if everyone's depending on me, and I just stop
Then what the f--k happens?
I can't take that route and girl out
And sometimes I don't wanna hear my girls mouth cause
My hectic schedule, she ain't considerate
So all I hear is the complaints and bickering
Radio's, studio's, photo shoot's
She think I'm f--kin every girl that say I'm oh so cute, cute
Don't appreciate a man and you lose him
Worst thing to do to an innocent man is accuse him
And I ain't with beefing with home's
Bran Nubian style, I had to love ma' but leave her alone
It ain't working out, I'll see you aight
Just let go and let God see if we reunite
Cuz with yo sh-t added to the dudes that wanna see me fall
Nah, f--k it I won't fall
Let me talk to all of you dudes praying that I lose it all
I ain't come this far to fall, fall
But listen, I'm f--ked up now
Don't ask why y'all
Sometimes the best medicine is just to cry y'all
Know what I'm saying?
Excuse my voice fans, that should be a sign that I identify with what I'm saying
Cuz it's these type of thoughts that'll kill ya
If you smoking' with me right now, then you a good way from the filter
And I won't front like I ain't stressing
Sometimes I need a hug, real sh-t,
pain sh-t is pain lesson...

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