Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Strip Club Experiences

I had a very random and interesting conversation about strippers. It got me to thinking about my experiences. And, also the way I view strippers in general. Strip clubs are abundant in New Orleans. So, me making my way into one or five was inevitable. I was always very curious about them. Any woman over the age of 18 has seen a stripper. I've been to both male and female strip clubs. And, honestly, I'm more comfortable in a female strip club. There is something seedy and homoerotic about male strippers. I don't get them. Yes, they are sexy and buff and well endowed. But there is something off to me about male strippers. When I was younger, they were entertaining. I enjoyed them. Somewhere along the way, I began to get majorly turned off by them.

Female strip clubs are an adventure. I remember my first time going to one. I was so nervous. I was with a group of male friends. The drink specials were good and that make any outing alright with me. It was truly a sight to see. As a woman, I can definitely appreciate the beauty of the female body. All I know is those girls were working the hell out of the pole and the stage. I was in awe. My girls and I always used to have certain songs that we seems our "if I were a stripper" signature tracks. I was partial to Luda's "Money Maker" because that beat was insane and sexy as hell and Toni Braxton's "Maybe." There was just so much going on in the club. Yes, there's stripping and dancing but there was more. It's a certain feeling that I got while being there. I was clearly inebriated while there. But I always had a great time. I received my first female lap dance on my second trip there. The dancer was cute and very sexy. She was nice. It was truly an experience.

I think I sound really sexist in this post. But, I can't help it. I am 100% against male strippers and perfectly ok with female ones. The environment is totally different than any place I've ever been. I can honestly say that I've generally liked my experiences in strip clubs. I've gone with friends and we've had a ball. It gets to a point that being surrounded by naked people isn't even on your radar. Or maybe I'm just oblivious. Either way, it was what it was. Would I go again? Possibly. Do I really need to though? Not at all. I've done it already. Been there already. I've had that experience more than once. I wonder how many women go to and enjoy strippers, whether they are male or female. My friends all feel the same way about strippers as well. I want to hear about your experiences as well. Let's discuss!

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