Saturday, November 26, 2011

Get Into It: "Take Care"

I am a Drake fan. Have been for a while now. So I was patiently awaiting his sophomore cd "Take Care." It has been called many things by many people. I just call it good music. It's very laidback and melodic. The two singles "Headlines" and "Make Me Proud" are favorites of mine. I especially loved the buzz single or the summer "Marvin's Room" because I could relate. Even with a release date pushback and a major leak a week and have half before it dropped couldn't stop this cd from landing the #1 spot on the Billboard chart. It's that good.

My favorite tracks have to be "Look What You've Done," "Underground Kings," and "Lord Knows." "Look What You've Done" is quite perfect. I love that Drake and 40 sampled Static Major for this track. I can play the whole church straight through and that is a plus to me. Deal is a very emotions conscious rapper. I dig that about it. Except for one bar, there hasn't been one thing he spit that I don't believe. Sorry, Aubrey, but none of us believe that anyone is going to "make you catch a body." It's just not plausible to me. Other than that minor misstep, Drake excels on "Take Care." It's what I expected from him. He's stayed true to himself with no input from the YMCMB conglomerate. He's sticking to what has made him stand out. Drake has been in his own lane from day one. I'm so glad to see that hasn't changed.

I'm not a huge fan of The Weeknd. He mumbles a lot when he sings. So I could do without his features. I used to be a big Wayne fan but lately not so much. I did appreciate his features on TC. Wayne rapped on TC the way he was supposed to rap on C4 but didn't. Drake's other features on TC are really good as well. Andre 3000, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross all appear on tracks. "Take Care," to me is a very cohesive body of work. I can rock to it. I'm wondering what will make the cut for future singles though. Take a listen and get into "Take Care."

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