Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get Into It: Wale "Ambition"

There aren't too many rappers I support or like. I am sure the number is less than 10. But, when I like a rapper, I want to see them prosper. Such is the case with Wale. I first heard of him a few years ago while in Baltimore. He had an interesting voice, great poetic flow and his subject matter interested me. Wale had my attention. I kept hearing mixtape tracks from him for about a year. They just made more anxious to hear a full product from him. I would soon get my chance.

His first cd "Attention Deficit" was great to me. It did not do big numbers. I actually blame his label. His single choices were not great and he wasn't promoted correctly. He had single worthy songs that were passed over or released too late. His songs had a vision and Usually this would be the point in which a label would drop an artist. Wale survived that fate. He signed with a management team at ROC Nation. And followed that by signing to Rick Ross' new label Maybach Music Group. He dropped the mixtape "More About Nothing" which should have been an official release. Wale worked his way through 2011 with guest appearances and features as he recorded his sophomore cd. He self promoted tirelessly on Twitter and through his "No Days Off" vlog. This would turn out to be a great thing for him.

"Ambition" dropped on November 1st. He would land at the #2 spot on Billboard. He was edged out of the top spot by Bieber. From my first listen, I was impressed. I could hear his growth. I have my instant faves already. Such as "Illest Bitch Alive," "Don't Hold Your Applause," "White Linen (Coolin)," and "Slight Work." I just feel like Wale is going to win this time around. His cd is more cohesive this go round. I am admittedly a fan. I cannot help that. You can tell that he is a poet. Maybe that's why I like him so. "Ambition" is definitely one of my favorite Hip Hop cds that dropped this year. Take a listen to some of the standout tracks. Get Into Wale's "Ambition."

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