Thursday, November 10, 2011

In The Morning

I'm a self proclaimed night owl. It's true. I am more content with the nightfall. Since college, I've gotten more done at night. But there is something to be said about early morning. Like before the sun comes up. It's a very sexy time of the day. I got to thinking about the reasons why I've grown to love the early morning. It's something new. But I think I like it.

Before the world really wakes up and when one can only barely see the sun peeking over the horizon is the best part of the day. I love the way the room is bathed in darkness with small areas of sunlight sneak in. My voice has this slight huskiness in it that I find very sexy. Only in the early morning. I try not to turn on the lights. I'm comfortable in it. In the morning is the perfect time for many things. This topic came to me just this morning. So I felt like sharing my new found love of it. These songs fall in that category as well. Enjoy your mornings!

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