Monday, February 20, 2012

That Age Old Question

There has been a topic that keeps popping up on my Twitter timeline. It's the issue of porn and whether watching it is considered cheating. I find that assessment ri-damn-diculous. There are many answers to what cheating is. Porn never crosses my mind when I think of cheating. I mean, unless dude is cheating with an actual porn star. Other than that, my answer is a resounding "NO!" The conversation on Twitter was interesting because I can tell by the answers which age group people fell in. When you're older, you know more or you should. The ideas I had at 22 are so far removed from the ones I have now at 32. With age comes wisdom.

I don't think my significant other watching porn is cheating. It's just dumb to me to think that. Porn is fantasy. Sometimes the most outlandish things one could imagine sexually. I have no issue with porn. I'm a grown woman and I've watched it from time to time. I have no issue with my man watching it either. It's just porn. Now, my only issue with porn would be if he was addicted to it. Meaning he HAD to watch it all the time, or if he was neglecting me for it. That's an major issue.

Porn, to me, is like an appetizer. It can be used to learn some things or get some things going. It's never a replacement for sex and intimacy. Everyone has to decide for themselves where they stand on the issue. But I do believe that a couple should feel similiarly on it. I do think that if I hated porn and he loved it then it would become a point of discontent. That again goes to the fact that couples should have some things in common. I know it's said that opposites attract. I respectfully disagree. The things that connect people are stronger than the things that don't.

Porn is just another thing in life. Not to sound conceited, but I'll be damned if I get my panties in a bunch behind a chick on the screen. I'm confident enough in myself to know what I'm about. I know he doesn't mind at all that I watch porn. And, clearly I have no issue with him doing the same. But hey, that's just us. Maturity also plays a huge part in this. We're both old enough to know better. As couples, people have to find what works for them. Porn may not be everyone's cup of tea. I know there are certain genres of porn that my eyes refuse to view. I also know which ones I like and which ones he likes as well. As I should since he's mine. Is porn cheating? Or is that going too far?

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