Saturday, February 25, 2012

Places I Must Visit: Galpaglaos

I first heard of the Galpaglaos Islands in one of those urban lit books I was addicted to. The main character, who's name alludes me, went there in vacation. I was intrigued by the name of the island and the authors description of it. Galpaglaos is right outside of Ecuador. From the pictures I've seen, the islands are gorgeous. The weather never drops below 68°. It stays relatively warm for most of the year. There are daily spontaneous rain storms which keep the greenery of the island very lush.

It seems to be a very touristy spot. The islands are know for their hotels and eateries. The island is populated with many different species of animals and birds. I can look at pictures of this island for hours. Galpaglaos is just a breathtakingly beautiful place. One day, I will get there with HIM and enjoy everything the island has to offer. These pictures are just part of the reason why this place is on my list. Look into Galpaglaos and get into it.

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