Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Miguel "Adorn"

I'm not a big fan of Miguel's. This song just might change that though. "Adorn" is his first single from his sophomore cd. The song is great but way too short. The moment I heard it I was a fan. Those lyrics got to me as usual. Listen and enjoy.

" Yeah, these lips...
Can't wait to taste your skin baby
No, no
And these eyes, yeah
Can't wait to see your grin...

OOh baby Just let my love Just let my love adorn you
Please baby, yeah
You gotta know
you know that I adorn you
Yeah baby

Baby these fist...
Will always protect ya lady
And this mind oh,
Will never neglect you,
Yeah baby, Oh baby
And this thang trying to break us down
Don't let that effect us,
No baby

You just got to let My love...
Let my love, let my love
Adorn you Ahh, le, le, le let it Just adorn you
You got to know
You got to know
Know that I adorn you Just that babe"

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