Saturday, February 18, 2012

Classic Music: Kanye West "College Dropout"

I have been a Kanye fan since he was a virtual unknown. I heard an underground cd of his when he was working with Jay. There was just something about his voice. His words and his delivery caught and held my attention. I wanted more. Kanye would give me just that when he dropped his debut cd "College Dropout." This cd would become my soundtrack for many moons. I played it so much. His singles were awesome but even more so were the rest of the tracks on the cd. Kanye was hungry and I could feel it.

Kanye was amazing to me for one major reason. He released a rap song called "Jesús Walks" that was deep and lyrical and it got major play on radio and in the clubs. That was unheard of. "All Falls Down," "Through The Wire," "Slow Jamz," & "The New Workout Plan" were also singles that did great on the charts. Kanye just seemed to have the golden touch. This cd was executed perfectly. Sonically, it was different. It's been 8 years since it was released. It still sounds relevant and timeless. I still love it. Below are my favorite unreleased tracks from the cd. Enjoy the greatness that is Kanye West.

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