Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Tandem

° 2012 hasn't been kind to Black entertainers. Too much death in such a short time. It's a lot to take in.

° The Grammy's were mad boring this year. I don't know exactly why but I was less than impressed.

° I did enjoy LL as the host, Chris Brown's Grammy win and Adele's sweep!

° I just read Aliya S. King's "Diamond Life." It was awesome. I need to write a review about it.

° The Superbowl was just ok as was the Madonna halftime show. The sports/music fan in me was not pleased.

° I hate how emotional I am during that particular time of the month. This past Sunday/Monday I was so weepy and on edge. It's so not me on a regular.

° My nephew called me old the other day. I'm better than I used to be with that word lol.

° For some strange reason, I keep stubbing my toes. Last week, I thought I almost broke it. I know I need to be more careful.

° Sometimes, I forget that things/conversations/situations won't always play out the way I imagine them in my head.

° In closing, CHOCOLATE makes any and every situation better. Or so it seems in my world. And, since it's the day after Valentine's, I'll buy some for 75% off & enjoy.

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