Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Redux

I'm giving this another try. I was told that my earlier randoms weren't very happy. So I've been composing this list for a few weeks now. Happier without even trying. Enjoy!

° Tulips make me extremely happy. Lilac tulips make me ecstatic. :-D This smile is permanent.

° I'm still all torn up about Whitney's death. So tragic.

° I blogged about people talking about people earlier this month. And, now I cannot get Whitney Houston's infamous words to Wendy Williams out of my head. They are beyond appropriate. "Watch...What The Fuck...You Say...!" Sums it up perfectly.

° My nephews and nieces give me so much joy. They are all such natural comedians. So funny. They always make me laugh when I need it the most.

° I've been singing "It's the little things and joy they bring..." for weeks now. That line really resonates with me in my life right now.

° Those Kobe Bryant system commercials are hilarious. I'm shocked because they are kinda making me like him a little. What? I'm not a Kobe fan, never have been. So this is odd lol.

° You know those conversations about nothing and everything? Yeah, those randomly make me smile. Love having those all over the place conversations.

° I believe that it's in the quiet times we figure out who we are and who others are. I've never been more at peace in silence with someone like I am with HIM. These things matters the most to me.

° All Star Weekend was very lackluster this year. I totally blame David Stern and that wreck of a lockout. Oh well there's always next year. But, the opening intro by Idris Elba was everything to me!!!

° I am on a water kick. I am trying to drink more H2O. So far, so good. *fingers crossed*

° I flexi rodded my hair for the first time on Sunday. It was an experience that I'm sure I will blog about this week.

° I've been spoiled this week by my guy. Love spending time with him. Smiling from deep within because of it.

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