Friday, June 15, 2012

Stunts & Shows: Basketball Wives Edition

I can admit that I was a fan of VH1's "Basketball Wives" at first. The first season was a mix of silliness, fuckery and drink throwing. I watched it for the ridiculousness. I tuned out when it became embarrassing to watch 40 year old women behaving in such a gross manner. I was over it. I have seen all of the talk on Twitter about the stunts of this season. This season was so over the top that a petition to get Evelyn kicked off the show was born. The petition has garnered over 31,000 signatures. The petition's author is bothered by the violence Evelyn has displayed over the seasons of BBW. After the reunion, Shaunie O'Neal, creator/executive producer/co-star of BBW, said that she wanted to change the scope of the shown get away from the violence and shake up the cast. In a turn of events that can only be called ridiculous, the powers that be decided to get rid of Jennifer, Royce, and Kesha. What? Are you serious?

Of the cast members, the ones who should have gotten the ax over their actions are Evelyn and Tami. These two women have been nothing but drink throwing, hair pulling bullies. Every season, these two women have been involved in altercations with each other as well as other cast members. If Shaunie and VH1 really wanted to change the view of the show, getting rid of the problem would have been a solution. This turn of events just solidifies the fact that tptb (the powers that be) do not care about changing the drama. They are only concerned with the ratings. This should be reason enough for more people to simply change the channel. If the ratings drop way off, the show will cancel itself. I do not adhere to the believe that these women represent all Black women. I do not associate with any women who act like these 40 year old high schoolers. I just don't.

Jennifer was smacked on national tv. She was attacked on multiple occasions. By someone who was her friend for 14 years. I will say that verbally, she gave as much as she got. But, she never got physical with anyone. Evelyn was always the aggressor in every instance. But, she has retained her spot on the show. Kesha was only on the show one season. Tami reduced this woman to tears and fears. She berated her constantly. She called her out of name on more than one occasion. Granted, Kesha should have stood off for herself more. But, none of Kesha's actions warranted any of Tami's. I am ashamed of the actions of these bullies. Evelyn threw 2 bottles of wine at Kenya. In a wine bar. In real life. And, then said "Why are y'all always stopping me?" That signifies no remorse. Evelyn and Tami both gave these apologies that I do not believe.

Whatever "Basketball Wives" was supposed to be at the beginning, it never was. I'm sure that it could never be it either. This show from its name alone was a joke. It was more a mixture of baby mommas, ex-fiancee's, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives of basketball players. Jennifer was the only wive on her show. I used to be a huge reality tv fan. I'm starting to get annoyed with it. The faux celebrity and relevance it brings to people we shouldn't even know. It's disgusting and I'm over it. I will not be watching the next season of BBW just like I didn't watch this season. Seems like VH1 and Shaunie pulled a quick one on their viewers. The real question is are you as a viewer willing to be taken for a ride?

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