Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Scenario: Dating Websites

Here's the scenario. An engaged man has an open and active page on a popular dating website. He's been in a relationship with the woman for over 5 years . They also have a kid. They are recently engaged. Oh and this man makes no mention of his child on this site either. You know the couple involved. Do you tell the fiancee what you know? Also, is this behavior appropriate?

In my opinion, the behavior is highly suspect. I would not approve of my spouse being on a dating website. I would wonder why he feels the need to still have one. It would seem as though he has something to hide. It's creepy and pervy to have this alternative life going on. If this man loves me enough to ask me to marry him, I would think he would not need anyone else. If we are engaged, then he should not be fishing for dates on a website. Who does that?

This topic was brought up in a group I'm in. The reaction was mixed. But, there was a strong divide between the men and the women on the subject. It just shows me that men and women perceive things differently. All the men saw nothing particularly wrong with it. But, they were not having it if it was their fiancee on the site. Women were categorically against it. We were all up in arms about the seediness of it. It just rubbed me the wrong way. What do you guys think? Let's discuss.


  1. Yeah, no, never okay! You hit it on the nail - men and women do perceive things differently. I'm guessing (or hoping lol) that not ALL the men in the group/ discussion were fine with this.. I couldn't imagine a man being fine with his fiancee having an active profile on a dating site! Mr. B would flip his ----. Lastly, she deserves to know.

    1. MC, clearly I felt the same way. I just couldn't believe that there were some men who were condoning this seedy behavior. Granted, there were more who were against it. The whole situation is just wrong. My friend did tell her friend. The man talked his way out of it & the wedding is still on. Go figure.