Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Soooo, Zombies?!?

I have no clue what is going on in Florida. But, I want them to contain it to that state. A man ATE another man's face off. What in the entire hell?!? Why? What?!? How does this even happen? And, the man was naked as he munched on dude's face. Really, people, this is not normal behavior. I do not know exactly what type of drugs he was on. I've heard bath salts, LSD and PCP. But, how do you get that high and that hungry that someone's face seems like an appropriate meal?

So, of course, this story has prompted the conspiracy theorists to say that we are dealing with zombies. I do not believe this train of thought. It seems like a SyFy movie, not real life. The world seems to be getting crazier. But cannibalism is not a new notion. Remember Jeffery Dahmer? He ate a whole gang of folks. I think this story just startled me because of the specifics of it. Why was he naked? Why did the victim allow this man get close enough to eat his face? What else was going on there?

This is the face of the dubbed "Miami cannibal." His name is Rudy Eugene. I am sure his family is behind mortified by this. I wonder if he remembers any of it or if he's remorseful. So many questions, not enough answers. I just don't know what to think. I feel sorry for the victim. No one deserves that. I never even thought something like this would happen in real life. It's the plot of a wack b murder movie. I am just flabbergasted. It's just so weird. I can't call it. Again, let me say, that the state of Florida does not have to worry about me taking up residence there. I am good on that.

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