Saturday, June 09, 2012

Classic Music: New Edition "Candygirl"

New Edition is my FAVORITE group of all time. They are the boy band I grew up with. "Candy Girl" is also the first album I ever owned. I played in relentlessly. I drove my mother insane with my love for this group. I was sold from the first time I heard them. They were so cute and brown and had these squeaky little voices. I was in love especially with Ralph Tresvant. My Dad gave me "Candy Girl" and a record player as a gift. Best gift ever as a kid.

Every song on that album was a favorite of mine. But, I was always partial to "Jealous Girl" and "Candy Girl." Every time I hear any of these songs, I am instantly transported back to my childhood. Back to my purple room, me laying on my stomach on the floor listening to this album with my window open as the breeze blew in. New Edition were an essential part of my childhood. Every song they released, every video all stand out to me. That is why "Candy Girl" is a classic album to me. I am still as much of a fan today that I was then. It's been 29 years since it was released. It still holds up. Below are my favorites from New Edition's "Candy Girl."

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