Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picture These Words

While browsing the net, I am often caught up with the images I see. I love to see things that inspire me and make me think. Sometimes I am motivated to write. That is what happened when I came across the images below. They stirred something deep within me. So, i had to share a few thoughts with the world. Hope you enjoy them.

Pictures like the one above make me happy. I love when I come across an image that catches my eye. This one is so relevant. Change in chaos seem to go hand in hand. If it's not chaotic, then its not necessarily life changing. I'm not a huge supporter of change especially if its sudden. But, I know that change is evolutionary. Change is the driving factor in life. We are all in a constant state of change. I know that this is true. Change, in any form, is chaotic. I think chaos makes us feel alive. It pumps the blood in our veins. This image just rings so true to me. The wording of "Great change" hits me the most. Not just normal change, but epic, life altering change. Those are the moments that I look forward to the most. Those are the ones who stand out in the story of your life. Those are the moments that make life worth living to me.

Would life really be all that simple if we could do this? It's a novel idea. Deleting all the bad things from our lives. I use to believe that doing this would be awesome. But, then I began to think about it. All the bad things, the moments that I wasn't my best, the times when I broke and I cried, they all made me ME. Every thing that has happened to me has shaped my life. The memories made for nice stories to tell my younger siblings, cousins and friends. They are moments that make my life, my journey relatable. Every heartache, every tear, every second of wavering faith have turned me from Yolanda & Kenneth's little girl to their 32 year old grown daughter. I cannot forget where I've been no sooner than I can deny who I am. The journey is as important as all the destinations along the way. I believe that all the tears I've cried, all the sad poems I've written and all the less than stellar thoughts I've thought matter. All the pieces matter. In the end, I would rather have a story full of bumps in the road that made me stronger, better.

Sometimes I see things that just touch me. I am always all about the words. They never fail me. It's one of the reasons why I really enjoy Tumblr. I can always count on someone posting something that will make me laugh or make me think. I just felt like sharing these pictures/words with you guys. They inspired me a little. Hope they inspire you as well. Have you seen any posts that inspire a thought in you? If so, share with me!

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