Monday, June 18, 2012

Rant: Let the Father's Have Their Day!

Announcement: Father's Day is for Fathers. Yes, you read that right. The day is to celebrate all Dads. It is not a holiday to celebrate single moms. I think it is selfish for Moms to want to claim it as theirs as well. I grew up in a single parent home. Mom was it. But, the reality is she was not Mom and Dad. She was, however, a Super Mom in my eyes. But, she was not my Dad. She could not teach me lessons that only a Dad can. I cannot take this seriously. Why is this the trend? I will not tell any woman "Happy Father's Day" because it is not their day. By definition of the word father, mothers are totally exempt.

I've noticed on multiple social media sites that single moms cannot wait to take the credit for being both parents. It was literally 12:05 on Twitter when the anti-Father's day tweets started flying. I think its sad that fathers, especially in the Black community, cannot even have their day. This doesn't happen on Mother's Day. I have never seen men try to take credit for being both parents, even though this happens as well. In my opinion, it comes across as bitter. Moms are celebrated and exalted all year long. Dads seems to get a bad rep. And, I don't think its fair or warranted. There is another issue at hand here. But, as a woman without kids, I refuse to dive into it. So, let's just let the Fathers have their day. Let's try this out next year.

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