Sunday, June 03, 2012


In a twist that couldn't have come any sooner, George Zimmerman's bail has been revoked. George Zimmerman is headed to his rightful place: jail. On Friday, June 1st, the judge revoked his jail for lying. The judge concluded hat Zimmerman and his wife willfully misled the court about their finances. Both said on record that they were flat broke. This was a blatant lie as Zimmerman had collected over $200,000 in donations from a website he set up. The District Attorney was livid about this lie as was the judge.

The Zimmerman's may be one of the dumbest couples. The reason they got caught was due to their recorded jail telephone conversations. It doesn't take a genius to know that all conversations involving inmates are monitored. The wife hasn't been charged with contempt or perjury yet. But, I suspect that those charges are forthcoming. No judge or lawyer likes to be made a fool of. That's exactly what the Zimmerman's have done. Strange behavior for a man who's supposedly innocent, right?

To me, this whole ordeal brings into question Zimmerman's credibility. He lied about money to avoid jail. What's to stop him from doing the same in his trial? It's clear the man feels no remorse for killing an unarmed teen. A man scared of jail just might spin a tale to keep himself free. This is a blow to the defense team. And a great win for the prosecution. It gives me a little hope that justice may ultimately be served. Trayvon Martin's family may actually get their closure. This case may not even make it to trial this year. But, no matter what, I will be watching and praying for the right verdict.

"The fact George Zimmerman was dishonest is very important because his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case," Benjamin Crump, the Martin family lawyer, said Friday.

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