Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Music: Tristan Wilds, Emanny

It's new music time again. This time, I'm focusing on the guys. Over the last few days, I've been listening to two projects over & over. Tristan Wilds is a name that you should know. He is most famously known as an actor. He played Michael Lee on seasons 4 &5 of HBO's hit "The Wire." He is now on the hit show "90210" as Dixon. But, now Tristan is trying his hand at a new love: music. He released his EP "Remember, Remember" on his blog at the end of last year. The second guy is Emanny. He is awesome and dope. He is a guy I found via Twitter. I'm so glad I did. Both projects fall into the category of R&B/Hip-Hop. Which is just the genre I love.

When it comes to Tristan, I can admit that I am super late on this one. I knew he was working on music but I hadn't followed up on it. I saw his new video "Cold" on Necole Bitchie's website. The video is simple and cute and I love it. The song is one of my favorites. As is his interlude, which is a remake of the Nancy Sinatra song "Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)." This song became popular again when it was used in "Kill Bill."Tristan flawlessly mixes r&B and Hip-Hop on his EP. His tone when singing is very melodic. I am definitely a new fan of his music. His EP has me excited for new music from him. I was pleasantly surprised while listening to the EP. I am always on the lookout for good new music. And, Tristan's work falls into that category. If you haven't heard it before, take the time and get into the videos below and the EP as a whole. I love this.

My other new find is Emanny. I came across him by way of Joe Budden's twitter page. I first heard him on a SLV track. His voice is intoxicating. So, I downloaded his "Songs About Her" & "Road To The Highlife" here & have been playing both constantly. There isn't a track I dislike. "I Messed Up" featuring Joe Budden & "Young & Ready" featuring Jadakiss are two standout tracks. Emanny's voice is soothing. I like his lyrics. I am wondering what he will drop next. I don't know his label situation but he is a winner to me. His two projects so far have been very solid.

I love the fact that social media sites are keeping me abreast of new music. Honestly, top 40 radio just plays the same songs by the same artists. That can be beyond boring. I like to hear music that everyone hasn't heard already or played out already. Without Twitter, Tumblr, and blogs, I would've missed both of these guys projects. I'm glad I didn't though. Go ahead and get into both of them. Remember their names. I have a feeling that they will be stars.

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