Thursday, June 07, 2012

Random Is Always Good, Right?

° My Celtics are one win away from returning to the NBA Finals! That's very exciting to a fan like me.

° There are some things that I just don't need to know. Ugh. I wish people would stop sharing things with me that my brain doesn't need to process.

° I'm not real big on meeting new groups of people, especially females. I went to a party where I literally knew 2 people. I thought I would be incredibly uncomfortable. I was wrong. I had a really great time.

° One of my favorite shows, "The Game," had its season finale the other night. It was a perfect episode. I'm sad because the two main characters aren't returning next season. Don't think I will be watching it either. All bad.

° I have fallen for neon nail polish. It's so bright, it's ridiculous. But, it's fun and summery. And truly girly, just like moi :-)

° I read on Twitter that Tweet and Missy Elliott are both working on new projects. In looking forward to both.

° I am currently reading "The Four Agreements" & "The Secret." Both wonderful books. I like how much they've enlightened me. Reading is definitely something I could never give up.

° I saw "The Avengers" last week. I was so impressed with it. Such a great movie. I'm not really into all the comic book movies but this one was awesome. I also saw "Men In Black 3D." It was everything I wanted to be? I'm a fan of the series. Everyone should go see it.

° This past Tuesday marked the 9th month since I last got a relaxer. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to this transitioning process. As a woman who has had relaxed hair for at least 20 years, this is brand new. So now I'm just looking forward to the next natural hair milestone.

° I took great pleasure in watching the Lakers lose. That may sound bad but I'm not a fan. I just didn't want to see them in the Finals again.

° I spent last Sunday watching Hot 97's Summer Jam. I don't know the last time I spent that much time listening to Hip Hop. It was interesting to say the least. But Wale & Meek Mill made it all worth it.

° I love when he reads anything to me. His voice is melodic to me ;-)

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