Monday, June 11, 2012

I LOVED Def Poetry!

Before I even knew it, I was a Poet. Writing poetry was my introduction to the world that I would always claim as my own. Imagine my surprise and utter glee when I saw the commercials for HBO's "Def Poetry." The poet in me could not wait. I made sure that I was always in front of a television when it was on. I ate it up. I almost always loved every poet. I loved the way that poetry connects all people. The show was a hit in my mind. I was so sad when it just disappeared from HBO with no warning.

Def Poetry was one of the best things on tv. I loved seeing my passion manifested on tv. I never missed an episode. I love that there were normal people on the show. One of the good things about this show was the celebrities that came to do spoken word. I was watching Floetry's appearance on it via youtube. That inspired this post. It's just my favorite celebs on one of my favorite shows. I really wish this show would come back. It was too good to just be over. Enjoy the videos and poems below. I still am!

*Floetry "Fantasize"
(I fantasize about you and all the things I want to do.")

*Kanye West "Bittersweet"
("Bittersweet, you're gonna be the death of me. I don't want you but I need you.")

*Jill Scott "Ain't A Ceiling"
("You say life's being hard on you. Well brother I've got news. It's been hard on me too.")

*Kim Fields "How Come"
("Will cook catfish butt naked in high heels. Suck and fuck like a champ.")

*Malcolm Jamal Warner "I Love My Woman"
("I want to scream out her name and do all the things a man isn't supposed to do.")

*Lauryn Hill "Motives and Thoughts"
("negative imagery holding us down.")

*Erykah Badu "Fans, Friends and Artists"
("Which one are you? Which one are me?")

*Phylicia Rashad "On Status"
("I even dared to write them less.")

*David Banner "What About Us?"
("The levees broke in New Orleans.")

*John Legend "Again"
("And, we're doing it again...")

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