Sunday, July 14, 2013


Justice was NOT served tonight. George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of murdering Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Excuse my French, but how in the holy fuck did this happen??!!??! If George Zimmerman is not guilty of killing an unarmed kid, then please tell me who killed Trayvon? Who? Who will be held accountable for his murder? Let's be clear, I am pissed. The same way I have been since I started writing about this case on March 15, 2012. This case struck a chord for me for so many reasons. None more than the fact that I have 4 nephews under the age of 10. This case and verdict scares me. I am afraid for them. This case was about so many things: racism, profiling, clothing, and privilege. Zimmerman killed a kid and then went home.  If not for the public outrage, this case would've went away. Zimmerman was arrogant as was his brother, mother and father (who wrote a book that blamed "Blacks" for his son being on trial no less). The trial started and I was disgusted by the defense team. I was prepared for this verdict.  

Do you see the smile on this murderer's face? Do you see the utter glee on his face? This is the body of a soulless, Godless murderer. Yes, he was found not guilty criminally. But, morally, this is the face of a cold blooded killer. He took the life of a 17 year old kid. He said that he does not regret taking Martin's life. He is guilty of that. No verdict could change that fact. He has to live with that. The all woman jury let a murderer walk. They did not do their job. This is sickening. I feel so deeply for the Martin family. Their son did not get the justice he was due tonight. I hope that they sue the Zimmerman family for all everything they have. No amount of money will bring Trayvon back. But, no murderer should be able to profit from his crime and Martin's death.

Moments like this really put things into perspective for you. I've been stressed over my heart and my emotional health and Sybrina and Tracy lost their child and didn't get justice. I feel incredibly shallow at this moment. Good job, Florida. The defense team put Martin on trial and convicted the victim. It is a gross misjudgement by West and O'Mara. The kind of karma that will come from this will have to be huge. If you are the parents/aunts/uncles/friends/Godparents of little Black children, hold them tight. America doesn't value Black people. Black President or not, this is not a post-racial land. This was proven tonight.  I'm just really sad. This makes me so sad for us as a people. We have so far to go. Jesus, help us. Rest in peace, Trayvon. We all know who killed you and why. I hope that Zimmerman never has another moment of peace. Killers do not deserve it. This night calls for dark liquor. I just can't. There is a petition by the NAACP to urge the Department of Justice to open a civil rights case against Trayvon's killer. If you agree, sign it. We can still fight the fight to the finish. For Trayvon. For Sean Bell. For Oscar Grant. For Jordan Davis. For the nameless, faceless ones who die each year to gun violence all over the world. For truth, For peace. Do something. 

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