Saturday, July 20, 2013

"100 City Vigil" for #JusticeForTrayvon

I've spent the last two weekends at #JusticeForTrayvon rallies. The first was not as well attended as the second. The second one, which was today, was a huge success. So many people came out to support. I was excited to see that people really do care. We are upset. We are outraged. We will be moved to action. Trayvon's life will not be lost in vain. From the home made signs and t-shirts to the hundreds of people in hoodies. everyone was there for the same cause. It was peaceful and well orchestrated. The former mayor, Marc Morial, spoke. I was always a fan of him and his politics. I'm still angry about the verdict. I'm still so sad for Sybrina and Tracy. The judicial system failed their son, failed them. And, we were all witness to it. We need a huge change to come. The "Stand Your Ground" laws need to be either abolished or severely revised. I truly hope all this movement pushes the Department of Justice to do the right thing and charge Trayvon's killer with a civil rights case. I feel like I have to show up to these rallies because I care. I hope you all did the same. No Justice, No Peace.  


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