Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Week Has Been Too Much.

It began with the George Zimmerman murder trial. For those living under a rock, he is obtrial for killing an unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin. It began with, of all things, a knock knock joke. Seriously. I’m sorry America but is a black child being murdered funny? It’s not. And no one laughed at that bullshit. The trial has been on one all week. I try not to say I hate people but Zimmerman & his defense team have made my list this week.

As has the Supreme Court. Knocking down part of the Voting Rights Act one day and standing up for DOMA the next. It’s like one step forward and ten steps back. I’m sorry but racism is still alive and thriving in these United States. I’ve literally been pissed all week.

Then, the great state of Texas decided to show its natural ass. Sen. Wendy Davis had to stand on her feet for almost 13 hours to stop a bill that would close all but 2 abortion clinics in the state. The other male senators were rude & talked over her. Then they tried to lie to pass the bill. Once it was recorded that the bill couldn’t pass, Rick Perry has called for a second vote. I really wish folks without reproductive organs would stop trying to legislate it. Just sit down and shut up.

I’m a politics buff. I love it. But, this week has knocked a lot of that love out of me. I’m really just disgusted with almost everything this week has been. It’s been too much. It’s been one of those wide eye weeks. We have pay attention and get involved. Especially women and minorities. If not, the old days will make a swift return. Just get into the people governing your state.

Oh, and to top it off, my favorite NBA team just broke down the squad. The coach, Doc Rivers, is now coaching the Clippers. And, my favorite player Kevin Garnett as well as Paul Pierce have been traded to the Nets. I'm sick. Ugh.

Go home, this week. You're drunk!!

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