Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trayvon Martin Update

It happened on February 26, 2012. Today is April 11, 2012. It has been 6 weeks have passed since Trayvon's murder. Still no arrest, still no justice. Race relations are simmering right at the surface behind this. Many are beyond upset about the utter mishandling of this case. I've already blogged about my outrage of the Trayvon Martin case here. That's not what this blog is about. I felt the need to update people on what has or rather hasn't happened since then.

Angela Corey is the special prosecutor that has been assigned to this case. This week,she has decided to forgo a grand jury indictment. What this means is that the power to charge or not charge Zimmerman lays solely in her hands. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how Corey feels about the case. This move is a bold and unexpected one. I want to hold out faith that she will do the right thing and press charges. There was a murder committed and the guilty party, Zimmerman, needs to pay for his crimes.

George Zimmerman has decided to "Speak" on his own behalf via a website. It can be viewed here. On this website, Zimmerman is doing two things: asking for sympathy and donations for his defense. Are you serious George?? I call bs on this website and its meassage. Where was the sympathy for Trayvon? No amount of donations can bring him back to his family. I am disgusted by this blatant attempt by Zimmerman to paint himself as the victim when he took a life. Sorry sir, but the victim card cannot be played here. Not by you. And, I feel some kind of way about him begging for money. I will also feel nothing for anyone who donates to this bogus fund. What is wrong with people? How is this behavior even ok?

Yes, Zimmerman has been crucified in the press. But, that is of his own doing. If he had not decided to take the law into his own hands, none of us would ever have known his name. He killed Trayvon in cold blood. I have no sympathy for weak little men who carry guns to make themselves feel bigger, more important. Yes, I also know my personal experiences with men in my familly have been murdered. But, the reality is right is right and wrong is wrong. Zimmerman was dead wrong. He killed a child. He deserves nothing less than jail.

The final piece of this weird puzzle is that Zimmerman's attorneys have now resigned. They claim they have lost all contact with their client. How is it even possible that a murderer is roaming free without anyone keeping tabs on him? Yes, I know that here people are innocent until proving guilty in the court of law. They have to go through that process first though. Since Zimmerman has yet to be arrested, people have decided his guilt for themselves. This is what a miscarriage of justice looks like. It's not pretty nor is it right.

So, what now? How much longer will Tracy and Sybrina (Trayvon's parents) have to wait to get justice for their son? It's been 6 weeks too long for them. Six weeks too long for all of us who have been following this sad case. The more I think of it, the more pissed I get. As much as I love the law, I know that it is beyond flawed. Lady Justice is clearly not blind. She sees exactly what she wants to see. All I want is justice for Trayvon Martin. He deserves it, his parents deserve it. Until this happens, I cannot allow myself to write about it anymore without getting so upset. Arrest George Zimmerman now. Give us justice for Trayvon.

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