Friday, April 12, 2013

Rant: George Zimmerman, Get Your Mom

It is my opinion that Geogre Zimmerman is a MURDERER. He is NOT the victim. He does not need to be saved. He does need to pay for what he did. I have been writing about the murder of Trayvon Martin for over a year now. This story has pissed me off from the beginning. Because Martin clearly was killed because he was a young Black male wearing a hoodie. That scares me because I have 2 brothers, 4 nephews that I love dearly. I know and love too many Black men to be quiet about this. Not only is George Zimmerman a racist murderer, he is also a liar which led to his bail being revoked last summer.  His family has been popping up in the news as well lately. Last month, his brother Robert posted some ridiculous tweets on Twitter. I'm sorry but when your brother kills an unarmed teenager, your opinion on the matter is null and void. I understand standing behind family. But, wrong is wrong and murder will always be murder. I cannot believe these people. 

And, now comes his mom with her two cents. And, let me tell you that's all her words are worth. His Mom, Gladys, has penned this letter on the "anniversary" of the day he was arrested. It's been over a year since Zimmerman killed Martin. I had to comment on this idiotic letter. I posted "Mrs. Zimmerman, your son is a MURDERER! IT is not a travesty that he was arrested and awaiting trial, it is justice. You do the crime, you do the time. While you are lamenting the incarceration of your son, Ms. Fulton is still grieving for hers. I realize now that this whole family is delusional. I cannot wait until 6/10 for this trial to start. I hope and pray that your son gets exactly what he deserves, which in my eye is life in jail. An eye for an eye." I've kept myself updated on this impending trial because I want to see justice served. This entire family are beyond words. I am done. Bring on the trial and justice for Trayvon! 

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