Saturday, April 28, 2012

These Are Just My Thoughts...

- Twitter is the source of pure entertainment. The other night was one of those nights. Brian McKnight posted this gem. The ridiculousness that are the lyrics are only trumped by the creepy smile on his face. Brian, sir, really? You are 42. I'm gonna need you to stick to your earlier material. Leave the raunchy R&B to Trey, Chris, Usher and the rest of the youngsters. This song comes off very pedophile-ish to me. I giggle everything I hear it.

- I've been enjoying some really good R&B lately. I'm loving Monica, SWV, & Melanie Fiona's cds. They are all so good for different reasons. Oh & the "Think Like A Man" soundtrack is pretty awesome as well.

- I finished "The Hunger Games" trilogy. It was so good. I loved all three books. But, by far, my favorite was "The Hunger Games." To me, it was the most detailed oriented. Hopefully, I will see the movie as well.

- I love stumbling across great websites. I've discovered a few in the last week that have made me very happy.

- I am ready for he NBA Playoffs to begin. The shortened season has been nightly underwhelming.

- Politics have been really dirty lately. I'm over the Republicans mudslinging, namecalling and downright childish behavior. Come on, November. I'm ready to re-elect my President.

- I'm beginning to have a really bad feeling about this Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman upcoming trial. I want justice for the Fulton/Martin family. I pray that they get it.

- Since I've started drinking water more exclusively, whenever I drink something sugary it makes my tummy hurt. I used to love Cane's Sweet Iced Tea & now I have to water it down. I actually crave water now. It's amazing how quickly my body has adapted to such a big change.

- Acne Sucks! Yeah, that's about it. Ugh!

- I've just started "Fifty Shades of Grey." I'm slightly intrigued by this storyline. It's supposed to be an erĂ³tica that delves into BDSM, a lifestyle I know nothing about. I hear this trilogy is all the rage. It's also getting the movie treatment. So, I wanna know what all the hype is about.

- I am such a need. Reading makes me so happy. I love to get lost in the authors world.

- Cheers to the freaking weekend. I needed it.

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