Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Music Releases: Monica & Melanie Fiona

So, just what are we going to get into today? Some new R&B music. There is a lot of good music out right now. I decided to review a few new projects that I am feeling. Both of the cds I chose are ones that I have been waiting on to be released. Both received setbacks but were worth the wait. The material was even better than I expected. The two projects that I am referring to are Monica's "New Life" & Melanie Fiona's "The MF Life." Let's get into them already.

Monica's new project "New Life" is a solid effort. I play it from beginning to end. I am a huge fan of her work and her voice. She is one of the few artist that I can say that I have all of their cds. I've always identified with her because she has always come across as personable. This cd is no different. Monica takes her listeners on a ride from heartbreak to finding true love. It is a ride that most of us can relate to. The lead singles "Until I'm Gone" & the duet with Brandy "It All Belongs To Me" are both great musical and lyrical songs to me. I am even more excited about potential singles. "Daddy's Good Girl" is a song that any woman in love will love. "My Big Mistake" & "Time To Move On" are the epitome of the end of a relationship & heartbreak song. "Without You" & "Amazing" are both testaments to her new marriage and husband. What is missing is the Rick Ross assisted "Anything To Find You" which was released last year as a single, a video and then shelved. I dug that track for the throwback 90's vibe.

Melanie Fiona's sophomore cd "The MF Life" was definitely a labor of love. This cd was on the verge of being shelved because of label issues. But, it was released and it is good. In my opinion, it is a better showing than her debut. The music & lyrics are more cohesive and fluid. The material flows better on this cd. Headed by her singles "4 AM' & "Gone And Never Coming Back," this cd is a relationship from start to finish set to music. I love her features on this cd. The two big ones are Nas & J. Cole. Both rappers give a boost to the songs that they are featured on. I am definitely feeling "Wrong Side of a Love Song" & "Running." I am curious to see what her label does as far as pushing this project. I cannot wait to hear what her next single will be. I just really enjoyed this cd.

These two cds have been getting heavy play around here. I was in need of some new R&B music. I was overdosing in Hip_hop in the last few weeks. I will always support great artist who put out great music. Why wouldn't I? If you are a fan of either, I suggest you give them both a listen. There are a few more projects I have to sit & give a good listen to. The #1 on that list is the new SWV cd. I am excited that they are back. Can't wait to hear what they have to offer this time around. For now, enjoy the youtubes. Get into Monica and Melanie's new music

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