Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rant: Attention Seeking Folks

I have never needed to be the center of attention. I've never done anything just to get people to look at me or pay attention to me. That's never been my thing. I'm not overly dramatic or am I a drama queen. So being the true definition of an attention where has never fit me. For that reason alone, I cannot truly understand people who are that way.

To me, attention seekers are the people with theoretical self esteem. They are the ones who are constantly looking for validation via others. It's a sad personality trait. It's one I'm thankful that I never possessed. And, what's even crazier is that the validation they're seeking will never be enough, it will never fill that empty space inside of them. One cannot look to others for their self esteem. Seeking in others what one lacks in their own person is a trap. It will always be this endless cycle.

Attention seekers have to be the life of the party. It's just who they are. I try to ignore people like that. I can't get into them. They are too much work all of the time. I am always conscious of allowing them into my life. Their energy always conflicts with mine. I don't seek attention from anyone. Because the reality is whatever is meant for me will be mine. I don't have to knock anothers shine to get mine. Besides, I garner enough genuine attention from the right folks on my own. And, there is nothing better than that!

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