Sunday, April 08, 2012

He Said, She Said

Word of mouth can be a dangerous thing. It can harm as well as help. The words can sometimes become distorted, misinterpreted as they pass from person to person. What truly constitutes gossip per se? Is it gossip if it's true? Or only when it is mean and malicious? What about telling secrets? I think people have gossip and general conversation confused. They are not the same thing.

He said, she said can cause one a world of trouble. People hardly ever own up to what they said in the beginning. I know that if what I said was the truth I have no problem repeating it to whomever. What it is will never change. Things can get lost in translation when it leaves your mouth and reaches the ears of another. One's perception of said words can mean a world of difference. I live by the creed of never saying something that I can't repeat or backup.

The bottom line is that gossip travels quickly in this modern technology era. Once it's out there, it basically takes on a life of its own. It grows exponentially as the seconds pass. It's just that simple. People talk, people listen. What they think is a monster of a different name. This entire blog was sparked by something I was told today. It's funny the way information will always find its way back home. What have you said today that you would want to take back? Anything? Hopefully, we were all impeccable with our words and thoughts today.

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