Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Sacrifice For Me

In our day to day lives, there comes a time where sacrifices have to be made. Some times they are small ones. Other times, they are huge ones. What are you sacrificing and why are you doing it? I've been thinking a lot about sacrifices in my life. Thinking about all that I've given up in the last few years. And, how much better I've become because of those sacrifices. The reward has been well worth the sacrifice.

Time is a factor that I play with all the time. I have sacrifices my clubbing time for things more substantial things. Going out is cool. But, for me, it's been over done. I lived in a nightclub for years. I loved it but I'm over it. From the ages of 14 to about 25, there wasn't a week that I wasn't in some club. I loved everything about it, especially the music & time with friends. To me, that's a very small sacrifice. I am no longer the woman that craves the nightlife.

It's easy to sacrifice when one is trying to better themselves, their situation, and life. That's a no brainer. It's an effort to give up the good in order to go to the great. I used to get my nails done faithfully every two weeks. I realized that the acrylic was killing my nails. I sacrificed something asethetic for something real. It's taken my nails years to fully recover from the damage I willingly did to them. Change can be good.

Sacrifices are a part of life. We all have to choose what we are willing to sacrifice to get to the next place in life. The choice is what makes us as humans so special. We get to choose what we want to give up. I love having he freedom to do just that. Sacrifice isn't a difficult word. The implementation of the word may be hard depending on who you are. I sacrificed for my greater good and the future that I want for myself. That is the greatest reason to sacrifice any and every thing.

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