Thursday, April 26, 2012

Compatible Much?

Compatibility is something that is needed in any friendship. But, it's especially important in a loving relationship. It's the things that we like most in another person. It's a connection to build on. "Oh, you think that the adoration laid upon MLK Jr. is misplaced? Me too." This makes us comrades. We're in the same arena. You and I are compatible. This is a good thing. After this, what's next? We set out to learn more about each other. Placing your check marks next to all the things we have in common. The more checks, the better. And, the things we don't have in common, we share with each other. This is the foundation of a relationship.

A quick Google search will reward you with a plethora of online compatibility tests. Some are based on astrology, others on religion. Somewhere someone decided that this was big business. I've taken a few. One, the 5 languages of love quiz, was my absolute favorite. My Love & I were very simpático on so many levels. The results of the test just confirmed what we already knew. He & I are kindred spirits. The results of the other one left me perplexed. It was contrary to everything we are. It got me thinking. What does the author of this particular quiz actually know?

When I met HIM, the attraction was immediate. I fell for his sarcastic sense of humor because it matched my own. We bonded over music and poetry and intelligence and quick wit and the fact that neither of us slept much. I was intrigued from the word go. I didn't think there could be anything there really. I mean he was in Detroit and in a situation. I was here in New Orleans and on the tail end of a draining relationship. I used to look forward to our text messages and phone conversations. I mean, we would stay all night talking and laughing and listening to music. We were friends. I mean truly. He was my friend. The more time we spent time together, the more things we found we had in common. This is still true today.

I wouldn't trade this level of compatibility for nothing. I've never had it before. Every couple has their thing. Ours was apparent way before I even realized it. Compatibility is a great thing. It can't be quantified or truly tested with a quiz. I let the results of a silly quiz rattle me. When in reality I know what I have, what we share. This is bigger than all of that. Sometimes if you take it slow, everything will fall right into place. You won't even realize it til it happens to you. I'm not an expert on relationships or even love (now music and poetry are another subject) but I know some things. I know what feels right. This much I know.

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