Saturday, April 07, 2012

Classic Music: Drake "So Far Gone"

I remember the night Drake dropped "So Far Gone." He literally broke the Internet. His mixtape was widely anticipated. I had been a fan since I discovered "Replacement Girl" & "Closer" from his two less popular mixtapes. I knew that this will be would not disappoint. I was more than right. There isn't one track that I didn't like. It's classic to me because it's timeless music. It's still relevant to me right now & the cd is 3 years old.

Drake straddles that line between rapping and singing without being corny. I love his approach, delivery, and lyrics. I'm clearly a fan. If I had to pick a favorite from this mixtape, I'd have to give the edge to "Successful." That edge is only slightly over "Best I Ever Had" since it still makes me feel the same way it did the first time. "So Far Gone" is just good music. It came out during a down time in music for me, specifically in Hip-Hop. I've enjoyed everything Drake has released since then. But, I just feel a deeper connection to SFG. It's my classic music pick of the month. Enjoy the below tracks!

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